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QuickFit™ Strap & Buckle

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Key Features

The Click Medical QuickFit Straps and Buckles are an easy to use fastening solution, allowing for micro-adjustments throughout the day. Each 'click' of the BOA dial decreases strap length by 1mm increments, empowering patients to control comfort for the perfect fit everytime.

The strap is prefabricated and can be installed in minutes along with the QuickFit Buckle. The Buckle fastens through a self-locating magnet, providing additional strength and ease of use for those with limited manual dexterity.

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Features & Benefits

QuickFit Strap

Empower patients to quickly and easily control fit and comfort throughout the day. Each “click” of the dial decreases the strap length by 1mm for the perfect fit every time
Improved Outcomes
Providing reliable adjustability to optimise fit improves the efficiency of a correctly fitting device
Reliable Function
QuickFit Straps are prefabricated, durable, and can be installed in minutes

QuickFit Buckle

High Durability
The QuickFit Buckle design prevents the effects of wear and tear experienced with hook and loop fastenings
Self-Locating Buckle
Powerful magnetic buckle clicks itself into place and holds strong throughout the day, promoting ease of use for those with limited manual dexterity or visual impairment
One-Handed Use
Opening and closing can be easily performed with one hand

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