Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an assessment by Steeper?
An assessment is designed to ensure that our engineers have taken all your needs into consideration before recommending the right solution. Whilst you may have had an assessment previously by your occupational therapist, we would still recommend an assessment by Steeper.
What does the engineer do at the assessment?
The engineer’s job is to understand what your needs are, your capabilities and to assess the premises, making note of any remedial work or access issues that need to be completed prior to the installation. This initial assessment takes about 20 minutes on average, and after this, the engineer will formulate a plan of action that they believe provides you with the best possible solution. After talking this through with you, the engineer will then explain more about how the device will sit within the property and any safety or legal issues that you, as the owner, would need to be aware of. If you are happy with this solution, the engineer will then talk to you about possible design options (if applicable) and additional service packages. On average, the full assessment takes an hour, however, in instances where there is a request for multiple products, this may take a little longer. After all your questions have been answered the engineer will then take a few pictures and formulate a quote for approval.
Do I need to prepare anything for the assessment?
The simple answer is no, the engineer will talk through everything with you when they arrive. If for any instance furniture needs to be moved, then they will do this for you and return it back to its original place before they leave. All we do ask is that you are prepared to answer a few questions about what you and your care team (if relevant) would like to be able to do with your new assistive technology.
Who attends the assessment?
This is entirely up to you and makes no difference to the way in which the assessment is carried out. Some clients like to have family members or friends present to make them feel more at ease, whereas others would like their OT to be at the appointment. Whoever you choose to be there, the assessment process will remain the same.
I am not eligible for funding on the NHS or the Local Authority, can I still use Steeper for my Accessible Technology needs?
The simple answer is no, the engineer will talk through everything with you when they arrive. If for any instance furniture needs to be moved, then they will do this for you and return it back to its original place before they leave. All we do ask is that you are prepared to answer a few questions about what you and/or your care team would like to be able to do with your new accessible technology. 

What happens before an Accessible Technology installation?
After your initial assessment, you will have been informed about any remedial or preparation work that needs to be completed. Once this has been completed and at a time that is convenient for you, an appointment will be made for your Steeper engineer to return and complete the install. It is important to understand that the installation cannot go ahead unless the preparation work has been finished. If for any reason you are unsure of what needs to be completed or want to cancel or change an appointment then you can do so by contacting the Steeper Customer Services team, who will be happy to advise you further.

What happens on the day of the install?
Your Steeper engineer will arrive and talk you through the process of the day. They will also talk you through what they are installing, and where it will be located. This is to make sure that everything has been communicated correctly and you are fully aware of what to expect. Again, if you have any questions or are unsure of any aspect of the install then please ask your engineer to explain again. We pride ourselves on being able to give each client our dedicated time and attention to make sure everything is perfect, so if you have any concerns or a question, please ask. After everything has been discussed, our engineers will then begin the install, they will move any necessary furniture and once completed will tidy up and reinstate anything that has been moved. Before the engineer leaves you will be guided through a demonstration of use and be given the necessary training to be able to operate your new device confidently. Some clients find it useful to have an additional family member or friend present, as they can also be trained on how to operate the device and can help with any minor usage problems that may arise in the first few days.

What happens after the installation of Accessible Technology?
All products installed by Steeper are provided with a one-year warranty, so in the rare instance that there is a fault, you can be safe in the knowledge that we will be there to fix the problem, at no additional cost (some restrictions may apply, please speak to our customer service team who can advise on any exclusions). If you are having problems with your new products then please contact customer services who will be happy to assist in any way they can.
What aftercare packages can you provide?
With a wide variety of packages available, creating the right aftercare solution tailored to you is easy with our bespoke service. All products installed by Steeper have a one-year warranty, after this, service packages can be obtained or maintenance plans secured by the NHS. With a variety of different options available, our product specialist team will be able to advise you on the most suitable care package.
Why take out a service plan?
All of our service plans will give you peace of mind knowing that our team of engineers and product specialists are at the end of the phone if you need extra support. You will also be informed when your product or device needs a maintenance check-up and crucially, should anything go wrong then you will not have to pay for costly call out charges and repairs. On average, environmental devices can have a lifespan of up to 10 years, with communication devices having a lifespan of up to 15 years (dependent on software updates) therefore long term cover is recommended.
What will the service plan cover?
Again this is dependent on what plan you opt for, but on average this will cover all maintenance and breakdown issues, complete with our 48-hour breakdown response call back promise.
What do I do if I am having problems with my Accessible Technology?
Whatever your query, please contact our customer service team. Our friendly and helpful team can deal with most enquiries over the phone quickly and easily. In the instance that your query is more complex, we have the tools in place to deal with your enquiry quickly and efficiently. The customer service team are contactable via phone on 0113 207 0449 or by e-mailing assist@steepergroup.com.