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A Friendly Team with Over 30 Years of Experience

Whether it’s your personal home, the home of a patient or tenant, a school, or a community building - you need a team of friendly and courteous engineers that you can trust to do the job right. Your nationwide team of Steeper engineers have over 30 years’ experience in accessible technology specialising in delivery, installation, maintenance and repair.

100s of happy customers have already trusted us to install their accessible technology providing access to peace of mind, improved wellbeing, and greater independence.

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A world class reputation, trusted by many

Access to a Home That Works for You Use the interactive map to discover how our large range of accessible technology can empower you with confidence and independence.
1 / 3Door Openers
Abloy, Gilgen and Geze door openers are high quality door operators that work with all external and internal doors, and can be operated by various means.
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2 / 3Light Switches
Varilight light switches can be operated via an infrared sensor, allowing clients to take control of their interior room lighting.
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3 / 3Window Openers
Windows that are difficult to operate or are out of reach can be opened and closed easily and safely with infrared or radio frequency control.
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After medical negligence left Ian paralysed from the chest down, his life changed drastically. Fortunately, his case manager recommended he get in touch with Jason and the Accessible Technology team at Steeper. From there his journey back to independence began. Ian Lamb
Ian's Story
Young at heart, Maureen had always led an independent lifestyle. However, with her health deteriorating and her mobility affected by her arthritis, Maureen turned to Steeper to help with making her home life that bit easier. Maureen Williams
Maureen's Story
Diagnosed with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy at birth and with no natural speech, Rajiv Neel-Sivan has spent his time growing up learning how to use specialist communication devices to control his environment for everyday tasks. Rajiv Neel-Silvan
Rajiv's Story
After becoming paralysed at an early age, Jon was determined to lead a fulfilled life in which he was fully independent. After years of various Steeper assistive technology solutions, he chose the evo+ to allow him to automate all of the peripherals throughout his home. Jon Clayton
Jon's Story
FAQ's Your questions, answered
What is Steeper Accessible Technology?
Steeper Accessible Technology (formerly Assistive Technology) consists of a range of products to make everyday life easier for those with disabilities. We believe everyone has the right to reach their full potential – and Steeper Accessible Technology is here to help empower individuals to take control of their environment and reduce their reliance on care.
How do I know what accessible technology I need?
This depends entirely on the challenges and restrictions you or the user face day-to-day. Get in touch with us today to discuss which solutions will be of most benefit to you such as environmental control or door automation. Click here to contact us.
Who can benefit from accessible technology?
Accessible technology can improve the lives of disabled people with a range of abilities. Anybody who struggles with moderate to severe difficulty opening doors,windows or curtains, turning on lights, or changing the channel on TV will benefit from the freedom Steeper Accessible Technology can offer.
With Steeper accessible technology you no longer have to stress about:
  • Letting guests and carers into your home
  • Letting pets in and out of the house
  • Accessing rooms in your home like your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen
  • Elderly relatives being shut inside with no ventilation or fresh air
  • Being trapped in or out of a room when there is an emergency
  • Nosey neighbours and uninvited guests peaking in through blinds you can’t close
  • Not being able to access your home
How long does an installation take in a private home?
Every home is different, and every installation is different  but a standard door entry system usually takes just 2 days* to install and enivornmental controls take less than a day.

Please note some installation may require approvals such as a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG)

*This is an estimate. An accurate timescale specific to your installation requirements can only be given once a Steeper engineer has carried out an on-site assessment.
Are your engineers trained regularly?
Absolutely! All of our engineers are members for the Automatic Door Suppliers Association (ADSA) and they recieve regular extensive product training on every solution we provide. 
Who do I need to speak to about funding and permission to have accessible technology installed in my home?
To find out if you're eligable for funding, speak to your NHS doctor or occupational therapist.

While you don't need permission to install smaller devices such as environmental controls and communication aids, you may need permission to make larger alterations such as automated door entry. You should speak to the building manager, landlord/homeowner or your local council to obtain these permissions.

If you’re unsure, contact our friendly customer services team and we will help point you in the right direction. We can even work with you and prepare a quote to help get you started.
Access the Best Today At Steeper, we pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service and support to all of our customers. Contact our customer services on +44 (0) 113 207 0449 or email to discuss what options are right for you, or fill out our contact form below.
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