Home Automation and Communication Aids To enable clients to feel empowered in their surroundings, we combine the world’s latest state-of-the-art devices and innovative systems with a dedicated and caring service, placing control firmly back into your hands.
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Home Automation Solutions

Not only do we design and develop our own innovations such as the intuitive evo+ environmental control system, we also hand-select a variety of products and devices from the best manufacturers worldwide to ensure you’re getting the best solution for your specific and unique requirements.

Complete Home Control at Your Fingertips

Whether you want to open the front door for a carer or family member, turn on the TV to enjoy your favourite show, or switch off the lights when it’s time for bed – you can do all this and more from the comfort of your chair with one of our many automation solutions.

Intuitive solutions like the Gewa Connect or Steeper’s new evo+ are great for those wanting a versatile system capable of servicing every aspect of home automation. Or if you’re after something simple and easy to operate, the ACTIV or a Gewa Maxi might be the best option for you.

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Access a Home That Works for You
Varying Access Options To meet the varying preferences and capabilities of our users, we offer an extensive range of switch input options. Whether you need to activate your home automation using a touch screen, switch, joystick, alternative mouse, eye gaze or other, we will provide a solution that works for you.
Personal Product Training An experienced Steeper engineer will provide instruction training to ensure your comfortable and confident operating your new equipment. Our helpful customer service team are also available to answer any questions you have about your accessible technology before, during, and after it’s installed in your home.
Increased Independence Automating your home with the latest technology reduces your dependency on carers and relatives. Not only will you feel confident knowing you can easily operate appliances throughout your home, but your loved ones will too.
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Case Study

09:15 Friday 28th June, was the day that Jon was able to gain full independence and pursue his passion for art.
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Communication Aids

With options for adults and children, our communication aids such as the Grid Pad range allows users to communicate with symbols, text, or a combination of both. Ensure you always have a voice with a communication aid from Steeper.
FAQ's Your questions, answered...
How do I get a quote?
Getting a quote is easy! Before we can offer you a quote, one of our specialist engineers will attend an assessment at the residence. From here we can discuss the best options for your needs and provide you with an accurate quote bespoke to you. Get in touch here.
I can’t reach a push button keypad, are there other ways to control Accessible Technology in my home?
Yes! We provide an access solution for almost every limitation. Our access options include:
  • Key fobs
  • Touch screen iPads and tablets
  • Joysticks
  • Large buttons
  • Eye gaze cameras
  • Alternative mice for your computer
  • Pillow switches
  • Headsets for small head movements and puff response
  • Verbal control (not available for all devices)
Which home automation and communication devices integrate with smart home hubs like Amazon Alexa and Google Hub?
We have a range of home control devices and communication aids that are compatible with your smart home hub. Products like the Grid Pad 15evo+ and more integrate seamlessly. Contact our customer services team to find out which device may be right for you. 
Are your communication and home control devices compatible with Android?
If you use an android device, the Gewa Connect may be the best option for you.
Are your communication and home control devices compatible with iOS?
If you use an iOS device, the evo+ may be the best option for you.
Looking for a complete home automation package? We provide innovative solutions that enable clients to not only control technology inside their home like lights and small appliances, but we also specialise in door entry and window automation to help clients achieve more independence.
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