Plié 3 MPK Package


Following the advent of NHS funding for microprocessor knees, such as the Plié 3 by Freedom Innovations, Steeper has introduced a Plié 3 MPK Package. Our MPK package includes a Plié 3 full limb build with choice of adapters, a preferred designer fairing, a 5 year warranty and choice of free foot. Should you wish to receive training on the function, application and set-up of the Plié 3 microprocessor knee and its compatible feet, please contact a Steeper product manager or e-mail us at

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Included within the package is the choice of foot: including the Kinterra, Sierra, Highlander, Maverick Xtreme, Maverick Xtreme AT and Maverick Comfort AT. Each foot is designed to help fulfil the user’s life, by providing a smooth and efficient gait with stability and excellent energy return, whilst maximising on the cutting edge microprocessor technology of the Plié 3 knee. For more information on the components within the package, please click below. 

For more information on the approval of MPK funding by the UK government, please click here. If you are a patient interested in the Plié 3 package please contact your prosthetist.