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Interchangeable Dovetail and Threaded Adapters

Weight Limit

Key Features

This range of Dovetail and Threaded adapters provide a wide range of shift and rotation options, making it possible achieve the optimal alignment for most build options. Ideal to have as a fitting kit in any prosthetic centre.

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Features & Benefits

  • All these adapters can be purchased as separate items and assembled as required, making them more cost effective and versatile.
  • Can be connected in any combination, to provide shift and rotation, with pyramid, female receiver or threaded connection as required.
  • Very short rotatable adapters in any male/female combination can be achieved using the threaded adapters.
  • Shift adapters, in any male/female combination, can be achieved, and can include rotation by using the threaded adapters.
  • The three items marked as suitable for fitting room use only can also help to determine the exact alignment required at the fitting stage and can then be swapped out with a suitable combination of the Dovetail and Threaded adapters for the delivery.

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