Prosthetic Clinical Services

Our extensive clinical and product experience enables us to offer a high standard of care through our private clinic and our strong partnerships with the NHS.

We take great pride in delivering progressive, evidence-based and cost-effective services from professional staff to over 10,000 patients at our clinic locations throughout the UK. From single-site clinics supporting a small number of clinicians a week to managing the largest multi-site clinics in the UK, we can provide individual clinical experts to integrate within trust's own multidisciplinary teams.

Our prosthetic clinical services team includes HPC-registered prosthetists and skilled prosthetic technicians, all empowered with the support of our whole business to do the right thing and make the best decisions. As a result, our consistently high standards of care and service are cost-effective, patient-focused, innovative and professional, covering everything from best practice and clinical support groups to CAD support and clinical specialists for individual cases.
Steeper Prosthetics

Our Industry Leading Services

Care and Integrity

Over the years we have developed an innovative pricing structure, designed to support our customers in achieving cost efficiency whilst maintaining the highest standards of care. We are sensitive to the current NHS economic climate and are committed to working with our valued customers to find and deliver innovative saving solutions - together with our ability to provide extensive MI reports with our unique in-house Meditech IT system.
The excellent reputation that we have built over the years and our ability to deliver high-quality prosthetic services and products in the UK means that we have seen international contracts renewed year after year. We pride ourselves on our commitment to supplying the very best prosthetic products to clinics and patients across the globe.
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