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Our founder, Hugh Steeper, was a pioneer in the field of prosthetics; paving the way for innovations that would change the lives of veterans of the Great War. Today, the Steeper name continues to creative positive turning points for patients and clinicians in need of ever more inventive prosthetic solutions. 

Steeper is a leading international manufacturer of upper extremity prosthetic products, and a distributor of world class lower limb products from major international suppliers.

High-Definition Custom Silicone

12:05 Saturday 4th August, was the moment Julia walked down the aisle in her wedding dress with her custom silicone arm.
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Bespoke Upper Limb Prosthetics

10:15 Monday 7th January was the moment James wore his new boxing prosthesis for the first time in the ring.
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Innovative Lower Limb Prosthetics

12:08 Tuesday 23rd January was the moment when Stuart became part of the British Talent Squad.
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Cutting-Edge Manufacturing

Behind the Design: Creating Elsie's Bespoke Cycling Device
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Committed to Patient Care

Our ability to innovate in partnership with clinicians and patients means that our product offering is as diverse and in-depth as our clinical services. Together with our people’s knowledge and expertise, they form a complete offering that empowers and enhances the lives of everyone we work with.

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How James' bespoke boxing arm inspired him to get back in the ring