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3 Easy Steps to Deliver on Time and on Budget Whilst all construction companies operate differently, our simple three-tier care pathway makes it easy for you to complete your project on time and on budget. This simple three-step process takes into consideration the most common phases of the assessment, installation, and maintenance of accessible technology:
1) Assessment

The assessment process is crucially the most important step in the Steeper care pathway. A Steeper engineer will work closely with you, listening to your requirements and discuss the various options for your development. We will talk through some of the most frequently asked questions and provide a better understanding of what to expect prior, during, and post installation. You can also contact our friendly customer service team beforehand who will be happy to explain more about the assessment process.

2) Installation

The installation process is the second step in the Steeper care pathway and is, put simply, when your devices are installed. With over 30 years’ experience installing accessible technology products and devices in both commercial and residential settings, our team of highly skilled engineers understand that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach does not work. Therefore, prior to any installation, we will advise you on the plan of action for the installation day. By keeping you informed at every stage, we hope to make the process as easy, convenient and as manageable for you as possible.

3) Support

The final stage of the Steeper care pathway is supporting you with your accessible technology. We understand that you may experience some technical difficulties over the years and we are with you at every stage to ensure that any problems are quickly resolved. Regular maintenance is also an important part of the aftercare. With stringent rules and regulations, it is important that all devices are regularly inspected by fully certified engineers. All Steeper engineers are all certified to the latest standards, so you can rest assured that any maintenance work completed adheres to the most recent specifications. There are a variety of support packages available to you which we will discuss at your assessment.

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Explore our full range of products to improve your clients access to their homes. From automated doors and blinds to voice-activated environmental control and robust security systems. We can also bundle products together to create a bespoke package just right for you.
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FAQ's Your questions, answered...
Who can benefit from Accessible Technology?
Accessible Technology can improve the lives of disabled people with a range of abilities. Anybody that struggles with moderate to severe difficulty opening doors, windows or curtains, turning on lights, or changing the channel on TV can benefit from the freedom Steeper Accessible Technology can offer.
Can you support multiple installs?
Yes, we tailor every package to suit the individual an their needs. We can even provide multiple packages in one project. Speak to our team today to get a quote. 
How do you work with Project Managers?
Our team of engineers work closely with your project manager to ensure we're complying with site health and safety at all times. 
How are Steeper automatic doors powered?
All Steeper automated door systems are powered by a regular mains power source and can be operated by a variety of  switches/buttons like fobs or wall mounted buttons. As they are wired internally, they're much easier to install early on in the building process. Systems can also be backed up by a battery to ensure they remain operational in the event of a power cut and can also be operated manually.
Why should I consider installing accessible technology in my development?
Accessible technology helps make the lives of tenants and other building users comfortable while also providing safety and security. While the technology can be installed at anytime, it is often easier and more cost effective to  speak to us as early as possible in your development process. 
How long does it take to install an automated door system?
Every home is different, and every installation is different but a standard door entry system usually takes just 2 days* to install and enivornmental controls take less than a day.

Please note some installation may require approvals such as a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG)

*This is an estimate. An accurate timescale specific to your installation requirements can only be given once a Steeper engineer has carried out an on-site assessment.

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Our engineers are rigorously and continually trained in our product offering, ensuring that we have the best team for the job. We also have a range of experience in a variety of sectors, including individual users, schools, colleges, hospitals and care homes handling all aspects of accessible technology, from assessment to aftercare.

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