Orthotist Guidance

Our strong policies on training provide our orthotists with the best tools to further develop their knowledge and skills. We have a team who work closely with all our clinicians to organise and deliver appropriate training whilst raising awareness of the latest product and industry developments. Our aim is to create and maintain a working atmosphere that is challenging and rewarding, and we believe in encouraging our employees to go above and beyond their role through initiative and innovation.

Orthotist Training

Tailored training plans and long-term career development paths are vital in realising the potential of every employee at Steeper.
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Orthotist Training

Our PEG and Best Practice Groups are made up of clinicians from across our service centres who work to ensure our practice is evidence-based and cost effective. This is achieved through extensive product evaluation. For more information on our clinical analysis please contact us at orthoticenquiries@steepergroup.com.

Steeper Best Practice Group

Established within our orthotics team is the Steeper Best Practice Group. The purpose of the group is to produce evidence-based guidelines that will be used clinically to ensure standards of patient care are safe, clinically accurate, cost-effective and consistent across the company as a whole. Further to the group, we employ clinical specialist orthotists who specialise in the fields of paediatrics, diabetes, and rheumatology. This team reviews current practices, conducts audits, develops protocols and facilitates training along with providing remote and direct support to all our orthotists. 

Steeper Product Evaluation Group

As part of further training and development, the Steeper Product Evaluation Group (PEG) was established to provide an informative comparison document helping to inform and educate our orthotists into making the most clinically accurate and independent solutions. Members of PEG meet regularly to evaluate product ranges by highlighting the features, benefits, and clinical applications of each product before collating the information and producing educational reports with the findings. All PEG reports are accurate at the time of publishing, and the views and opinions expressed in all the documents are those of a number of experienced practitioners and may not represent the views of Steeper. 

Journey from Novice to Expert

“As a new graduate, I was encouraged to experiment with different methods of tackling complex problems whilst continually building on my existing clinical knowledge. I have gained invaluable experience to benefit my future career and enjoyed every minute of it!”

Tailored training plans and long-term career development paths are vital in realising the potential of every employee at Steeper. As such, we are the first company to develop an industry standard preceptorship programme. Preceptorship is the development of clinicians embarking upon clinical work immediately following registration, or when returning after a break from practice. During the foundation period, our orthotists will embark on a stimulating journey with opportunities to apply knowledge, skills and competencies acquired from university to real life practice - helping lay a solid foundation for life-long learning. The framework provides the building blocks to enhance confidence and competencies in what can be a difficult transition between education and taking responsibility for patient care on a daily basis. The programme is flexible and is designed to provide the support needed for our orthotists to develop from a novice practitioner to a professional.

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