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We strongly believe that personal development training and focusing on a long-term career path are vital in nurturing the potential of every employee. To aid career development we remain committed to evolving and extending our service offerings, whilst training our staff in anticipation of future industry developments. We also operate a personal development programme for all employees, designed to advance each of their skills and allow them to flourish. 

A personal development programme ensures that each employee’s skills continue to grow and develop. Every member of the team has access to regular training, and this is tailored to the growing needs of the individual and the organisation. These include:

  • Personal development 
  • Vocational training 
  • Management skills 
  • Industry knowledge 
  • Clinical interpersonal skills 

Steeper Graduates 

Steeper are the first company to develop a new industry standard preceptorship programme!

A tailored training plan and long-term career development path are vital to realise the potential of every employee. During the foundation period, you will embark on a stimulating journey with opportunities to apply knowledge, skills and competencies acquired from university to real life practice!

The framework provides you with the building blocks to enhance your confidence and competencies in what can be a challenging transition between education and taking responsibility for patient care on a daily basis.
The programme is flexible and is designed to suit each individual, each service and each employee, to provide you with the support you need to develop from a novice practitioner to a professional.

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There are no limits to personal achievement at Steeper! 

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