By delivering world-leading technologies and products, alongside responsive clinical services across the fields of prosthetics, orthotics and accessible technology, Steeper’s mission is to create turning points that empower patients and fundamentally, enhance people’s lives.

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Our values

We are in the healthcare business, so we conduct ourselves with care and sensitivity in all of our dealings - commercial and clinical - in order to deliver a supportive service that creates positive turning points.

Honesty, transparency, ethical decision making. We stand for all of these, with our people at all levels guided by the desire to do the right thing to enhance the lives of our customers and patients.

Patient Focus
We never lose sight of the purpose behind our products and services - empowering and improving patients’ lives. Uniquely in our sector, this is what drives us and keeps us focused.

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12:08 Tuesday 23rd January

Was the moment when Stuart became part of the British Talent Squad.
Stuart's story

08:17 Tuesday 3rd June

Was the moment when Isaac decided to pursue his professional football dreams.
Isaac's story

10:07 Friday 12th August

Was the moment Charlotte regained a piece of her old reflection thanks to the Steeper Silicone Clinic.
Charlotte's story

09:15 Friday 28th June

Was the moment when Jon was able to gain full independence and pursue his passion for art.
Jon's story