Structural and Socket Components

QuickFit™ Lacers

Shoe Sizes
2-8+ UK
Kit Sizes
X-Small, Small, Medium, Large

Key Features

The Click Medical QuickFit Lacers are suitable for both prosthetic and orthotic applications, with low-profile lace guides to quickly dial in fit. Using the easy grip Boa dial, users can easily achieve uniform compression with a
one-handed twist to adjust fit in seconds throughout the day. The kits are available in four ready-to-install sizes, which can then be easily replaced on devices without the need to remove the rivets or refabricate.

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Features & Benefits

One-Hand, Micro-Adjustment
Uniform compression is easily achieved with a onehanded twist of the easy grip dials, allowing patients with limited fine motor skills to adjust fit in seconds throughout the day

Pre-Laced System
Kit choice and fabrication is made simple with four ready-to-install sizes

Easily Replaceable Components
Easily replace the dial and lace, with no need to remove rivets or re-fabricate device

Proximal to Distal Tension Pull
Even-tension pull proximal to distal means no need to manually redistribute tension as with traditional lacing. Nylon-coated steel lace is low friction and high strength

Rivet On
With double-cap press-fit steel QuickFit rivets, these are retrofittable to other systems and easy to install with the QuickFit Tool, along with durable, low-profile lace guides


  • Available in 4 kit sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium and Large
  • Nylon-coated steel lace used for high strength and low friction
  • Low-profile dial and lace guide design
  • Available for UK shoe size 2-8+
  • Double-cap press-fit steel rivets are easy to install using the QuickFit tool