Welcome to Steeper Orthotics

We pride ourselves on providing honest advice about the options available and treatment is only offered if there is a clinical need. We know that no matter how similar, every case is individual, and we are committed to making sure you're comfortable every step of the way. 

Through continual development, we ensure the latest advances in scanning and manufacturing technologies are being used in the manufacture of your orthoses; this enables us to provide the best service and products to help you reach your potential and to provide the best possible outcome.

The orthotic treatment process can last from a few months to long-term care and can feel daunting. Whilst mobility difficulties may prevent your ability to undertake to wider physical activity, a focus on general good health helps prevent cardiovascular disease and also helps lessen emotions such as sadness or depression. 

We hope you will find some useful information in the following sections, however please always speak to a clinical professional for further advice. 


Additional Patient Information