Custom Silicone Solutions

Steeper is proud to manufacture some of the highest quality cosmesis available from anywhere in the world - our comprehensive range of custom silicone products are designed bespoke to individual requirements and are sculpted in-house at our silicone clinic in the UK.

Custom high-definition silicone covers are premium cosmeses resulting in a life-like prosthesis, blended and defined to match the user’s sound limb. Often, silicone cosmesis are the answer for many amputees as they offer enhanced realism and a more life-like appearance. We can create individual digits, partial hands, partial feet, upper and lower limb covers as well as cosmetic restorations for burns and tissue loss. For a hyper-realistic touch, all our finger and toe nails are crafted using firm silicone or acrylic and use as many colours as is necessary for a match. 

Each silicone prosthesis can be tailored to the user’s exact requirements, from tattoos to painted nails, veins to surface hair and everything else in between, the possibilities are limitless! Not only are all our products cosmetically tailored to suit the user but vitally, we always ensure the solutions we create are comfortable and functional, providing users with a natural and realistic looking prosthesis that suits their lifestyle.
Behind the scenes at the Steeper silicone clinic. 

Colour Matching

To offer a far superior skin colour match over traditional swatches, we use our unique Spectromatch device. This system stores up to 22,000 colours to match any skin tone, and takes multiple measurements to consider lighting conditions and any other factors that could affect the shade. The realism doesn’t stop there; unlike similar products, our fabrication techniques involve colouring the silicone prior to sculpting, as opposed to surface painting. This process allows the layering of different shades of silicone to give a translucent finish, similar to real human skin and provides exceptional definition, detail, and an even more precise colour match.


Expert Technicians

Artists in their own right, all our silicone technicians are exceptionally skilled and can make any design, colour and shape required in silicone. From new material development to performance testing, our technicians often create more “avant-garde” designs to further develop their skills and identify improved ways of working. For further information on custom requirements, please contact us at

Custom coverings

Our custom silicone products are designed to meet patients' exacting standards.
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