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Private Clients

Individuals Regaining Their Independence

Access a Service Tailored to You

At Steeper, we help a wide variety of both private and NHS clients. Our experienced teams fully understand the unique needs of each and every client and as such we offer a custom service. Our person-centred approach means that we can provide accessible technology in cases where no funding is available, or provide additional accessible technology devices to go alongside funded equipment.

As an independent service provider, we are unique in the fact that we are able to assess, install and maintain products and devices from across the accessible technology spectrum. Not only are we specialists in Steeper products and devices, we also hand-select a variety of products and devices from the best manufacturers worldwide to ensure that our product offering can also cater to the specific and unique requirements of all our clients.

Automated Access

Reduce your reliance on care and make every room is your home accessible with an accessible solution for every ability.
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Your friendly experts

Our fully trained and certified engineers have over 30 years of experience in Accessible Technology.
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Communication Aids

With options for adults and children, our communication aids allows users to communicate with symbols, text, or a combination of both.
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Efficient Assessment and Installation

Installing accessible technology in your own home not only needs to work for you, but also for your friends and family. Helping to ensure that all the boxes are ticked at the first stage helps to create an easy and hassle-free installation for everyone involved. At the assessment our engineers will identify any minor building modifications that may need to be completed before installation, always taking into consideration elements such as additional power requirements, increased clearance for door operators, and health and safety conformance. All of this helps to ensure a seamless and successful installation into your property.

Take Control of Your Environment and Reduce Your Reliance on Care

Explore our full range of products to improve access to your home and reduce your reliance on care. From automated internal and external doors to automated blinds and curtains, and voice activated environmental controls to robust security systems. We can also bundle products together to create a bespoke package just right for you at a price you’ll love.

Bespoke Aftercare

After installation, our engineers and product advisors are here to help with any maintenance or technical questions that you may have. With a wide variety of packages available, creating the right aftercare solution tailored to you is easy with our bespoke service.

All products installed by Steeper have an 18-month warranty, after which service packages can be obtained. With a variety of different options available, our product specialist team will be able to advise you on the most suitable care package. All of our service plans will give you peace of mind knowing that our team of engineers and product specialists are at the end of the phone if you need extra support. You will also be informed when your product or device needs a maintenance check-up, and crucially should anything go wrong, then you will not have to pay for costly call out charges and repairs.

On average, environmental devices can have a lifespan of up to 10 years, with communication devices having a lifespan of up to 15 years (dependent on software updates), therefore long-term cover is recommended.
To help you understand what Accessible Technology you can benefit most from we offer a free assessment and no obligation quote from one of our certified engineers. This can be arranged through the contact form, or by contacting our friendly customer service team at

Jon's Story

09:15 Friday 28th June, was the day that Jon was able to gain full independence and pursue his passion for art.
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Ian's Story

"I'm in total control" Ian regains his independence with Accessible Technology
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Meet your lead engineers
Jason Watson Lead Engineer Automated Door Control
Mike Mortimer Lead Environmental Engineer
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Your questions, answered... Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you want more information about Steeper's Accessible Technology, contact our friendly team today!
How do I know what Accessible Technology I need?
This depends entirely on the restrictions you or the user face day-to-day. Get in touch with us today to discuss which solutions, such as automated door entry or environmental controls, will be of most benefit to you.
How long does an installation take in a private home?
Every home is different, and every installation is different but a standard door entry system usually takes just 2 days* to install and enivornmental controls take less than a day.

Please note some installation may require approvals such as a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG)

*This is an estimate. An accurate timescale specific to your installation requirements can only be given once a Steeper engineer has carried out an on-site assessment.
Do Steeper Accessible door and window solutions work with Amazon Alexa?
Internal door openers, motorised window openers and automatic curtain and blind openers can be programmed to operate with Amazon Alexa. However, external doors cannot be used with Amazon Alexa. This is for safety and security reasons as anyone could operate this technology and gain access to your home.
Do you support multiple installs?
We work closely with you to build a bespoke package unique to you and your abilities. We also offer a range of packages, find out more by downloading our flexible packages catalogue.
Who can benefit from Accessible Technology?
Accessible Technology can improve the lives of disabled people with a range of abilities. Anybody who struggles with moderate to severe difficulty opening doors, windows or curtains, turning on lights, or changing the channel on TV will benefit from the freedom Steeper Accessible Technology can offer.
With Steeper accessible technology you no longer have to stress about:
  • Letting guests and carers into your home
  • Letting pets in and out of the house
  • Accessing rooms in your home like your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen
  • Elderly relatives being shut inside with no ventilation or fresh air
  • Being trapped in or out of a room when there is an emergency
  • Nosey neighbours and uninvited guests peaking in through blinds you can’t close
  • Not being able to access your home
I am not eligible for funding on the NHS or the Local Authority, can I still use Steeper for my Accessible Technology needs?
Yes, we help a wide variety of clients and offer a range of payment options, options such as self-funding and charitable funding may also be worth looking into.

We can also help with additional accessible technology devices where funding is unavailable, to go alongside your funded equipment. Every Steeper assessment is free of charge and there is no obligation to buy. Assessments can be arranged through our customer service team by calling 0113 207 0449 or e-mailing
Why do I need an assessment by Steeper?
An assessment is designed to ensure that our engineers have taken all your needs into consideration before recommending the right solution. Whilst you may have had an assessment previously by your Occupational Therapist, we would still recommend an assessment by Steeper.
Do I need to prepare anything before the assessment?
The simple answer is no, the engineer will talk through everything with you when they arrive. If for any instance furniture needs to be moved, then they will do this for you and return it back to its original place before they leave. All we do ask is that you are prepared to answer a few questions about what you and/or your care team would like to be able to do with your new accessible technology. 

Find a Steeper engineer near you!

Our engineers are rigorously and continually trained in our product offering, ensuring that we have the best team for the job. We also have a range of experience in a variety of sectors, including individual users, schools, colleges, hospitals and care homes handling all aspects of accessible technology, from assessment to aftercare.

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