Bespoke Manufacturing

Creating custom devices for orthotic applications demands rare skills and tried-and-tested techniques. 

Our custom-built manufacturing facility in Leeds operates as the central hub for all of our orthotics production and distribution. Standing at over 5,100m², the new Steeper Headquarters is the largest single dwelling in the history of the company. Our unique facility enables us to rapidly manufacture and control every stage of the production process ensuring quality and on-time delivery of any orthosis required.

From specially-designed and balanced shoes to insoles, hand orthoses to spinal devices, our team has the training, expertise and knowledge to devise and deliver everything a patient needs to reach a positive turning point, as well as giving clinicians essential technical support throughout the rehabilitation process.

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Creating custom devices for orthotic applications demands rare skills and tried-and-tested techniques. We are proud to have the people with these skills and expertise who are committed to crafting the perfect orthosis for every individual patient need. Read below to find out more about our insole and metalwork technicians. 


Bespoke Metalwork

At Steeper, our orthotics metalwork team pride themselves on their ability to create, modify or adapt any orthotic product. Our unique capabilities mean that our expert technicians are often called upon to create custom devices or replicate orthoses that have been used for centuries. With no KAFO or BK caliper ever the same, our experienced team members are able to understand the requirements of our patients and have the ability to create products that meet every patient’s exacting need. 

Techniques within metalwork have largely remained unchanged for many years and whilst new innovations and technologies are arising, the bespoke nature of metalwork means that working by hand is still the most utilised production method for creating precise and unique orthotic devices. The intuitive nature of handcrafting and the close relationship that our technicians have with clinicians enable our experts to highlight and resolve any problems quickly and easily. This results in products that can be modified during the production process before the finishing stage, avoiding any costly adaptions and reducing the waiting time for the patient. Whilst these skills are heavily handcraft based, as an innovative company - we constantly invest in machinery to fine tune the production process. For example, at Steeper HQ polishing machinery is utilised to ensure a smooth, refined, polished finish that our patients expect from our bespoke orthotic devices. Whilst aesthetics are important, functionality is the most important factor when creating orthotic devices, therefore metals that are used within our devices have remained the same for many years. The EN9 steel that is used within the vast majority of our products has the strength and wear resistance that patients require, yet is pliable enough for our technicians to bend. In instances where further dexterity is needed, aluminium and carbon steel are also used. 

Bespoke Insoles

Using the latest in CAD-CAM technology in the manufacturing process, we offer unparalleled accuracy and reproducibility. Within our manufacturing facility, Steeper can provide custom-made insoles using either foam impressions, casts, or scans of the foot that are manufactured to the highest standards. Frequently, clinicians use total-contact insoles alongside modular footwear to distribute load and reduce peak pressures on vulnerable areas. As the interface between footwear and the foot, the correct insole can ensure the best possible clinical outcome. By manufacturing footwear and insoles together, we ensure that each device complements the other and function seamlessly. Our bespoke manufactured insoles use the highest quality EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). This lightweight material offers shock absorption and retains its shape due to its hard wearing properties. The densities available are low, medium, high, soft dual and firm dual density. Other options are also available such as Nora, Plastazote and Polyurethane. Our range of top covers includes Grey poron and medical grade porons, and multi-layered materials including NoraTM, memory foams, sponge rubber, PodotechTM gel, anti-bacterial covers, leather, blue oyster/pearl, pig skin, and black cape. For a complete list of materials and insole options, click here or contact us on