Gel Liners


Tapered or Uniform
Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) gel
Suspension Method
Pin or Cushion
Approx 40cm
6 months

Key Features

The College Park Genesee liner offers all the benefits of a gel liner in an affordable package. This durable liner is shaped for fit and flexibility, with cushioning comfort and excellent limb conforming properties. It fits a wide range of users. The unique fabric improves the fibre-to-gel bond, reduces pistoning, and makes donning the socket easier. Mineral oil is infused into the liner to help absorb shear forces and maintain moisture.

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Features & Benefits

  • Retro-fits with industry standard liners of like thickness and profile
  • Infused with mineral oil to moisturise the skin and absorb shear forces
  • Unique fabric provides a superior fibre to gel bond, reducing pistoning and easing donning
  • 41cm long for the perfect fit
  • Activity level K1-K3