Gel Liners

LA Liners

Amputation Level
Suspension Method
Pin or Cushion
Soft Polymer Gel
Approx 38cm
6 months

Key Features

All Silipos gels contain a medical grade mineral oil that gradually diffuses to moisturise and lubricate the skin.
This gel has the ability to conform to the shape or surface contour it comes into contact with, even in changing environments. This elasticity and conforming nature allows the interfaces to adapt to the patient rather than the patient having to adapt to the interface.

The soft gel of the LA liner provides superior skin conditioning and comfort, for the low to moderately active patient, and is especially effective when used as a cushion liner with a suspension sleeve, with or without a suction valve.

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Features & Benefits

  • Medium durometer gel makes this liner particularly suitable for low to moderately active patients, whilst providing increased skin care and comfort
  • Keeps skin and scar tissue soft and pliable
  • Prevents skin from becoming dry and fights the development of calluses
  • Helps prevent contact dermatitis and skin sensitivity problems
  • Available in tapered and uniform profiles for both pin and cushion liners
  • Available in the standard and the more conical, plus version
  • 3mm, 6mm and 9mm gel options with 3mm thickness posteriorly to accommodate knee flexion

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