Switch Control

Quha Zono

Device Type
Gyroscopic mouse
Installation Procedure
Operating Method
Head Movement

Key Features

Quha Zono is a revolutionary new wireless gyroscopic mouse, designed to enable independent computer access for those with limited mobility. The device provides accurate and intuitive computer access with just small head movements helping users to stay connected. The extremely lightweight device is easily connected to the user’s body and with a variety of compatible input switches, the Quha Zono can be configured to suit individual requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple plug-and-play adapter works instantly out of the box - no extra software or installation programs necessary
  • Compatible with all available computers as well as almost all tablets and smartphones*
  • Allows individuals to use their existing device
  • Where a new device is required, Steeper engineers can advise and install a compatible computer system
*Apple iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) do not support mice as input devices.

Technical Information

Gyroscopic sensor technology

The Quha Zono mouse uses a gyroscopic sensor to detect rotational movement. For example, when the mouse is attached to the arm of the user’s glasses, a turning head will produce the rotational movement detected by the device, which translates to the mouse curser moving across the screen. A tap of a switch or a blow on the airpipe will then act as the click. The Quha Zono is very simple to use and with the combination of the mouse control and the intuitive nature of the receiver, most users find the device can be used comprehensively in only a few moments.

Get connected in two easy steps

There are two parts to the Quha Zono, the mouse and the receiver. The receiver is simply connected to the computer’s USB port and becomes instantly operational once inserted. The mouse comes with a clip, which can be used to attach the device to a flexible band, hat, glasses or wristwatch. Whilst the default configuration for the mouse location is on the right arm of the glasses, there are a variety of different clips available, so please contact us for additional options.