Assistive Mouse Adapter

AMAneo BTi

Device Type
Assistive Mouse Adapter
Installation Procedure
Operating Method
Ergonomic Mouse,
Assistive Mouse, Head Movement

Key Features

The AMAneo BTi is a revolutionary assistive mouse adapater for iOS devices, allowing the user to control their device using a standard computer mouse, or input switches such as buttons or the Quha Zono. This device uses a simple Bluetooth connection so a touch pointer will appear on the iPhone or iPad display for independent control.

Features & Benefits

  • Works with any iPad 4 or higher, any iPhone 5s or higher, and any ipad mini or higher without the need for any additional app
  • ​Anti-tremor filter so users who may suffer from severe hand tremors can use an ergonomic mouse
  • Users with severe physical disabilities can use an assistive mouse to directly click onto apps and options on their device, rather than having to jump from function to function
  • Integrated battery provides up to 20 hours of operation
  • Micro USB connector for charging the device
  • Official Made for iPhone/iPad (MFi) product

Technical Information

  1. Micro USB connector for charging
  2. 10-stage bar graph display
  3. Minus key (for setting: decrease value)
  4. Plus key (for setting: increase value, check battery charge level)
  5. Status LED
  6. Selection key (select settings: anti-tremor filter, click delay, auto click)
  7. Port for assistive or ergonomic USB mouse
  8. Connection of separate buttons for touch function (corresponds to left mouse button)
  9. Connection of separate buttons for AssistiveTouch menu (corresponds to right mouse button)