Switch Control


Installation Procedure

Key Features

Unless a device can be operated by direct touch, the most common fall back for user input to a device is a switch. Available in different sizes, shapes, colours, textures and materials, the entire switch range provides a reliable means of access to a device. 

With a range of ways to control accessible technology, our product engineers are best placed to advise on the most suitable ways of helping all our clients being able to use their devices correctly, easily and safely. 

Features & Benefits

  • Wide range of switch designs available
  • Can be used to control the majority of communication and environmental control devices
  • Switches can capture repeatable movements, such as finger movement, elbow or head movement, muscle twitch and even tongue movement
  • Some switches can also be activated using a sip or puff action - just like drinking through a straw
For more information on input devices, please contact our friendly team today on +44 (0) 113 207 0449 or email assist@steepergroup.com.

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