Environmental Control


Device Type
Home Control
Installation Procedure
Operating Method
Button & Switch Control
Control System
Infrared & Radio Receiver

Key Features

The ACTIV environmental control device is a highly sophisticated unit with integral mounting bracket and combines both radio control and infrared in one package. The system is capable of numerous simultaneous functions through 50 layered information screens, each with up to 18 functions for comprehensive home automation. The ACTIV can also act as a simple communication device with multi-lingual voice output facility, providing users with a spoken voice prompt to accurately manage the system without having to read or understand the display. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Simple to use scanning controller with large, back-lit screen
  • Features large press button and two connections for input switches
  • Can be used as a basic communication device with selectable, multi-lingual pre-recorded voice phrases
  • Configurable to the user's needs, including auditory prompting, scanning tones and icons
  • Compatible with existing Steeper radio control and mainstream infrared peripherals for easy upgrading
  • Powerful infrared learning technology can control anything requiring a remote control