Environmental Control

Control Prog

Device Type
Environmental Control
Installation Procedure
Operating Method
Switch Control & Direct Press Of Buttons
Control System

Key Features

The Control Prog allows the user to control and operate different peripheral devices within the home with the same remote, making everyday life simpler. With 18 buttons and up to 270 stored functions, the transmitter is programmable and can store codes from other remote controls - making it easier to operate everything from TV's and home entertainment to door openers.

With multiple input possibilities, the Control Prog is suitable for a wide raneg of users with differing motor abilities. For example, this device includes large built-in buttons that require a low pressure to push, ideal for individuals with limited dexterity. For users who are unable to use direct touch, there are twelve different scanning alternatives with the possibility to connect one or two single function switches or a switch joystick.

Features & Benefits

  • Programmable IR-transmitter
  • Stores codes from other remote controls
  • Choose your own button functions
  • Twelve different scanning alternatives
  • Connect one or two single function switches
  • Can also be controlled by a joystick