Environmental Control

Gewa Connect

Device Type
Environmental Control & Communication Device
Installation Procedure
Operating Method
Switch Control & Touch Screen

Key Features

The Gewa Connect by Abilia provides the user with an intuitive solution for operating their Android smartphone or tablet via an external switch. It is particularly suited to users with mobility issues who are unable to operate a smartphone or a standard remote control, with options such as points scanning or row column scanning available.

This easy to use remote-controlled app gives the user the ability to stay connected with their friends and family, empowering them to make calls and texts, and access downloaded or built-in apps - such as internet browsers, social media sites, YouTube or Spotify. The Gewa Connect can also turn Android smartphones or tablets into environmental control remotes. This includes the ability to control peripheral appliances such as televisions, lights, door openers and curtains.

Additional features include a dual mounting system for both the Android device and portable multibox hub to allow for ease of transfer between rooms or mounting stations.

Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive external remote control
  • Can be used on Android smartphones or tablets
  • My Abilia Cloud configuration allows authorised support persons such as family members to make quick adjustments remotely without having to visit the user
  • Allows the user to control built-in / downloaded apps
  • Includes environmental control capabilities
  • Full access to smartphone for calls and text messages
  • Stay connected with their friends and family by using communication features