Environmental Control

Assist X Mobil

Device Type
Environmental Control
Installation Procedure
Engineer (for multiple devices)
Operating Method
Buttons or external switch
Control System
Infared, Z-Wave Radio

Key Features

The Assist X Mobil is a wireless call system designed to ensure the safety of individuals in a home or residential care setting.

This call pager system is suitable for a wide range of users with moderate to complex conditions, including those with motor and cognitive disabilities who may require more regular assistance. Depending on the user's mobility, the Assist X Mobil can be connected to special monitoring and activation sensors. This allows people with even the most severe disabilities, such as those with extremely limited dexterity, vocal ability, or motor skills to make a call with an individual sensor. In addition, the system can be activated using Steeper's range of home control devices, allowing a distress call to be triggered to a caregiver or family member. The system can be expanded for use in larger residential care environments to support up to 32 individuals, with multiple pager receivers for staff members.

For ease of use, the user can choose whether to control the device directly or to navigate with an external switch, sound activation, or Steeper's range of home control devices including the Gewa Maxi, Gewa One, Gewa Connect, Grid Pad and any other AAC or EC device.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for individuals with limited physical, vocal and motor ability.
  • An easy-to-use, adaptable system that's simple to set up.
  • Compatible with a variety of activation methods, such as a switch, proximity sensor or sound activation to control the device. 
  • If the caregiver does not respond instantly to the call, the Assist X will send another alert shortly after a fixed time; giving the user reassurance that their call has been received. 
  • Ideal for individuals who require additional support within the home, such as those that have been discharged from hospital. 
  • The system can be expanded for residential care or nursing home settings as it can support up to 32 individuals, with multiple pager receivers for staff members.
  • An interface allows you to connect to different monitoring devices such as oximeters and respirators.
  • The Assist X Mobil can be comfortably mounted to provide easy access. 

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