Automatic Elbow

7 lockable flexion/extension positions
Free swing mode with lockable humeral rotation
Suitable For
Elbow Size (Dia)
Wrist Diameter
38mm, 45mm,
50mm, 54mm

Key Features

One of the most durable elbow units currently available, the Steeper Automatic Elbow is available in a range of 3 sizes and 4 colour options. Flexion can be locked in 8 distinct positions, with a free swing position, using an anterior actuator that can be operated manually or by means of a harness.

Humeral rotation is available and can be controlled with an adjustable friction screw. The rotation can also be manually locked using a rotatable ring. Proximally the elbow connects to a lateral ring (sold separately) which should be laminated into the upper section of the prosthesis. Distally the elbow connects to a prefabricated forearm (sold separately) with parallel distal section which fits a range of wrist options.

The forearm contains reinforcing side steels with prepositioned holes to receive the flexion cable guide. The forearm is available in 4 colors, please contact Steeper for information if alternative colors are required.

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Features & Benefits

  • Eight lock positions
  • Locked/unlocked control of humeral rotation
  • Detachable forearms
  • Child, adolescent and adult sizes
  • Four colours available