TRS Ener-Joint Elbow

Stainless Steel & Aluminium
Suitable for

Key Features

Compact and self-contained, the Ener-Joint is designed to be mounted mimicking the centre of the anatomical elbow. The rapid and reliable bicycle hub-style locking lever provides a quick release mechanism, providing enhanced control for the user. Elastomeric energy storing and release allows this elbow to provide progressive resistance throughout flexion/extension, whilst the energy absorbing isolation module provides constant shock absorption.

Designed for adult-grade rugged activities, the Ener-Joint is particularly suitable for the following activities: mountain biking, ATV riding, off-road motorcycle riding, rowing, and kayaking.

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Features & Benefits

  • ½” x 20TPI for proximal and distal connection (M12 available)
  • Endoskeletal design
  • Custom attachment couplings are available
  • Polyurethane core isolates external shock forces under both flexion and extension
  • Variety of pre-positionable, lockable angular orientations
  • For adults undertaking rugged activities and loads, but can be used by active young adults