Hand and Adapter Connection Plates

Compatible Threads
5/16 " BSF, M12,
1/2" x 20 TPI, 3/8" BSW
Suitable For
Passive and active terminal devices
Stainless Steel

Key Features

The Steeper range of Hand and Adapter Plates are designed to provide maximum flexibility in limb build choice and are compatible with a wide variety of terminal devices. Used with the Steeper wrist range, the hand and adapter plates are required to secure terminal devices to the wrist and, in many cases, allow for interchange of the terminal device.

Due to the variety of connection options available, these plates can be used to link devices with different functions; for example the friction housing linked to the multiaxial housing by a hand plate - moving from exoskeletal to endosketelal systems.

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Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with a variety of hands including the Steeper range
  • Adapter plates are compatible with terminal devices such as the Steeper Passive and Active Functional Devices range
  • A variety of connections are available including M12, 1/2" x 20 TPI, 3/8" BSW, 5/16" BSF
  • Plate options allow locking, friction, free and interrupted control over rotation of a terminal device
  • Paediatric and adult sizes sold separately to wrists and terminal devices