Upper Limb Build

Endoskeletal System

Build Options
Shoulder Disarticulation
Short Transhumeral
Long Transhumeral
Terminal Device Options
Body Powered Gripper
EU Hands
Functional Devices
Threaded Hands

Key Features

A truly modular system with multiple interchange options, which allows for rapid assembly and provides a light and easily adjustable alternative for transradial through to shoulder disarticulation levels. Finished in soft foam, our modular arm system gives a “soft feel” when compared to exoskeletal systems and may be shaped for added cosmetic result.

Growth may also be easily accommodated through the use of system components. For transhumeral and higher levels, the upper and lower forearm are connected through an elbow joint that may be manually locked in any one of four positions. The elbow joint is also suited to long transhumeral residual limbs due to its reduced build height option.

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Features & Benefits

  • Transhumeral adapter - low profile, short proximal build height making it ideal for longer residual limbs, allows friction control over hand rotation
  • Elbow and forearm - lightweight and easily adjustable, four lock positions, easily located lock button through the soft cosmetic cover, reduced build height options
  • Wrist - lightweight and simple to operate, short build height, reliable and durable, choice of connectors
  • Foam hand - variety of wrist options, removable box plate, oval wrist reinforcement for added cosmesis, flexible and lightweight, adjustable finger position