Control Systems

Transradial Control Cable Kits

Kit Includes
Operating cable including
proximal and distal connection
Suspension Link
Adult (25mm)
Paediatric (19mm)
Sold separately

Key Features

These transradial control cable kits offer a customisable, adjustable operation system when used in combination with the Steeper transradial suspension kits. These kits include all guides and fasteners suitable for medial placement of the operation cable with the chosen control cable material. Together with the transhumeral suspension kit, these cables fulfil varying patient needs, such as carrying heavy loads, working close to the body, and easy interchange of terminal devices.

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Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for paediatric and light duty tasks
  • Supplied with Captive S-Hook
  • Perlon cable kit available with 19mm (paediatric) or 25mm (adult) suspension kit link
  • Transradial suspension kit and socket attachment kit sold separately