Gel Liners


Amputation Level
Suspension Method
Pin or Cushion
Antibacterial Polymer
Approx. 37cm
6 months

Key Features

The ContexGel.soft is a conical shaped liner constructed using soft ContexGel, with an anterior wall thickness of 6mm, and posterior wall thickness of 3mm, to allow the knee to bend easily in the socket. Ideal for use by below-knee amputees with bony residual limbs, and can be used as a suitable substitute for soft tissue over the tibial crest and distal end.

The viscoelasticity of the polymer gel ensures even pressure in the socket and reduces shear forces, combined with medicinal white oils and antibacterial properties to nourish and restore stressed residual limb skin. Comes with a stabilising matrix option, to eliminate longitudinal stretching of soft residual limb tissue.

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Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for users with a low to moderate activity level
  • Gel at the distal end is 2.5mm thicker for improved socket comfort
  • Can be provided without a distal connection for vacuum sockets
  • Offers superior protection and optimised shock absorption over the entire limb
  • Excellent circumferential elasticity compensates for residual limb volume changes
  • New circular knit design eliminates the need for lateral ‘flat-lock’ seams which were subject to excessive friction
  • Thermo-formable at 60°C (140°F) 
  • Distal rotation control supports the user when guiding their residual limb into their prosthesis