Gel Sleeves


Amputation Level
Antibacterial Polymer
37 - 38.5cm
3 months

Key Features

The ContexGel.sleeves ensure correct suspension and fit in lower and upper limb prosthetic applications. They are effective in preventing air from entering elevated system sockets, holding the prosthesis firmly in place. Smaller sizes suitable for upper limb below-elbow prosthetic sockets, larger sizes are suitable for below knee amputees.

The latest bi-elastic knit design prevents tension and pinching on the knee joint, with 3mm antibacterial Polymer Gel for optimal residual limb health.

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Features & Benefits

  • Conical shaped sleeve
  • Available in two colours: mixed anthracite or sand
  • Round-knit design with no lateral seams
  • Soft, abrasion-resistant textile cover which can be easily donned or doffed
  • Features an outer matrix to eliminate elongation in the distal and proximal area
  • Excellent circumferential elasticity compensates for residual limb volume changes