Silicone Liners

AKOS TFS and TFC Liners

Amputation Level
Suspension Method
Silicone, transparent
Approx 40cm
6 months

Key Features

The AKOS liners are silicone interface liners specifically designed for above-knee (transfemoral) amputees of all mobility classes. Featuring a continuous matrix with minimal axial stretch to make the liner comfortable to
wear and provide for high transverse stretch ensuring optimal grip of the soft tissues. The flexible fabric ensures an optimal fit at the distal end of the residual limb as well as easy donning. The gliding outer surface replaces the textile cover which restricts stretch, this also eliminates the need for time-consuming sprays. Orientation marks on the liner helps ensure the liner is donned in the same position each time.

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Features & Benefits

  • Silicone gel
  • 2-zone proprioceptive, continuous and internal matrix - progressive stretch profile for very high soft-tissue grip and very high radial stretch for a step-free, gentle and comfortable transition in the matrix area
  • Durable textile cover 
  • Flexible cup for simplified, shape-moulding and secure donning
  • Flexring for improved fit to promote the benefits of the flexible cup with neat distal edge (no fraying) 
  • Size marking for traceability and documentation