Prosthetic Knees

Seattle Select Stance Flexion

Impact Level
Low Medium and High Impact Scale Icon in BlackHigh
Weight Limit
100kg (pyramid)
125kg (threaded)
Approx. 1100g
Swing Phase
2 years

Key Features

The Seattle Select Stance Flexion Knee is a tough polycentric unit which functions to a much higher level than might be expected from a pneumatically controlled knee. The Stance Phase Sensitivity can be adjusted by changing the instant centre of rotation (ICR), which makes the transition into swing phase more or less sensitive. 

The flexion and extension resistances of the swing phase control are also independently adjustable, as is the stance flexion resistance, with additional interchangeable stance flexion springs supplied to accommodate a wide range of patient weights and activity levels.

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Knee Wall Chart

Features & Benefits

  • Polycentric geometry creates effective shortening for improved ground clearance mid-swing
  • Adjustable stance flexion with 9° of movement provides shock absorption at heel strike
  • Independently adjustable flexion and extension of the pneumatic swing phase control
  • Adjustable Stance Phase Sensitivity by means of changing the ICR
  • Integral extension assist spring
  • Available with built-in proximal pyramid or threaded adapter
  • Equipped with built-in knee cap, increasing safety and preventing clothing from becoming caught in the mechanism

Technical Information

NSSK615-THR (threaded)
Overall Height Distance to Knee Centre
235mm 20mm

NSSK615 (pyramid)
Overall Height Distance to Knee Centre
240mm 30mm

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