Prosthetic Knees

Plié 3

Impact Level
Low Medium and High Impact Scale Icon in BlackHigh
Weight Limit
125kg (low-moderate)
100kg (high)
Adapter Type
Pyramid (125°)
Threaded (117°)
Swing Phase
5 years
See MPK package for details

Key Features

To provide individuals with a more natural experience of mobility, Freedom Innovations examined biological norms to establish performance criteria for the new Plié 3 with microprocessor controlled swing and stance. By integrating high-performance processing capabilities and a cutting-edge hydraulic system, the Plié 3 is one of the most responsive MPC knees ever developed.

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Features & Benefits

  • Water and particle-proof to IP67
  • Independent adjustment of flexion, extension and stance yield
  • Sampling at 1000 Hz with a spool valve response time of 10 milliseconds, the Plié 3 responds 10 to 20 times more rapidly than other MPC knees
  • Unique design controls both stance and swing phases, and the transition between them
  • Rapid gait response through the combination of the hydraulic control and the microprocessor control logic, allowing the knee to react much faster than other MPC knees
  • Advanced, customisable stumble recovery
  • Cadence report to assist with outcome measures
  • Selection of designer fairings
  • Transferable settings - save and reinstall settings into another unit e.g. when refitting after servicing
  • Part of the Steeper MPK Package which includes Plié 3 knee a 5 year warranty, choice of foot (Kinterra, Sierra or Highlander), a set of adapters and a preferred designer fairing.

Technical Information

Adapter Type Build Height (cm) Weight (g)
Pyramid 23.5 1235
Threaded 22.3 1235

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