Prosthetic Feet

Seattle Energy

Impact Level
Low Medium and High Impact Scale Icon in BlackMedium
Weight Limit
2 years
Foot shell - 6 months

Key Features

The full-length, split composite keel in the Seattle Energy provides increased dynamic response to the user, improved medial/lateral compliance, additional stability and a cushioned heel.

With its removable pyramid and spacer, the Seattle Energy is very effective for active patients with Symes amputations.

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Trulife Feet Wall Chart

Features & Benefits

  • Dynamic toe and cushioned heel response
  • Full length, split composite keel for increased stability
  • Removable, lifelike, sandal toe foot shell
  • Pre-assembled with male pyramid for easy installation
  • Pyramid and spacer can be removed for Symes patient applications
  • Available in both Light and Dark foot shells
  • Safe for occasional contact with water, but not intentional, frequent contact or submersion. After contact with salt or chlorinated water, feet should be rinsed/cleaned.

Technical Information

Size (cm) Build Height (cm) Weight (g)
22-30 10 330

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