Steeper Orthotics

Foot Lift Orthosis

Ankle and foot brace
Neurodyn Foot Lift Orthosis, Neurodyn Plus
Foot Lift Orthosis
Circumference of leg above ankle 15 - 27cm

Key Features

The Neurodyn and Neurodyn Plus Foot Lift Orthosis are ideal for flaccid paralysis and spastic foot drop indications. The engineering of this brace uses dynamics instead of the rigid splints providing comfort instead of pressure. Featuring a figure of eight style elastic restraint with easy to use touch and close fastenings, the Foot Lift Orthosis fits securely and comfortably to the foot.

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Features & Benefits

  • Fabric orthosis for dynamic compensation of flaccid paralysis 
  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation should compensate for lost functionality without hindering remaining functions 
  • Dynamics instead of rigid splints - comfort instead of pressure 
  • Free plantar flexion
  • 2 additional straps on the forefoot encourage dorsiflexion and inversion to give a more normal gait