Steeper Orthotics

BlueROCKER 2.0

UK shoe size 1 - 13

Key Features

The BlueROCKER 2.0 is the updated version of BlueROCKER Original and is identical in shape to the ToeOFF 2.0 but offers more rigid orthotic control. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Developed primarily for bilateral patients and those with more involved pathologies
  • The extra stability will improve both balance and posture and give the wearer greater security, especially individuals with weak quadricep muscles
  • Usually the preferred orthosis to be used in conjunction with a socket and toe filler for management of partial foot amputations 
  • SoftKIT2.0 comprises padding shaped to precisely fit the orthosis and comes supplied with two tibia pads. ComfortKIT 2.0 comprises thicker padding, designed for the more sensitive skin, fits the orthosis precisely