Steeper Orthotics

Swedish Type Lightweight AFO

Swedish Type Lightweight AFO, Swedish
Type Lightweight AFO - Carbon Reinforced
Heel-calf height 24-38cm
Footplate length 26-30cm

Key Features

Comfortable, strong and lightweight these AFO's provide functionality around the lower leg. Easily applied with hook and loop fasteners the range features padding to help prevent pressure from building up. The structure of the Carbon Reinforced AFO provides prompt and fluid support for the foot and stabilisation across the entire joint allowing the patient to walk in the safest and most natural manner possible. In comparison, the Swedish Type Lightweight AFO – Carbon Reinforced is designed for convenient and comfortable use, it is easily trimmed to size, is low profile and has an open heel to fit into shoes more easily. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Heat mouldable splint providing dorsiflexion assistance and lateral stability for ankle/foot area 
  • Easily trimmed and low profile with an open heel to fit into a shoe easily 
  • Wide calf strap with touch/close fastening 
  • Removable/washable padding for comfort and hygiene