05 Apr

Stuart Meikle's Story

Stuart Meikle's Story Stuart Meikle's Story

The story
Leaving his prosthetic care to the experts at Leeds Seacroft Hospital meant that Stuart was able to focus on his family and his business. Leading a busy life, cycling had always been a passion of Stuart’s and a way for him to keep fit and healthy whilst enjoying the countryside on his doorstep. As a keen cyclist, Stuart had long been provided with a prosthesis that enabled him to enjoy the adrenaline rushes from a cross-country bike trail. With the development of the Kinegen Stream Knee and its tailored free swing mode, Asad, Stuart’s prosthetist recommended that he trialled the knee to provide him with an even more comfortable ride.

The solution
Naturally gifted at cycling, Stuart was quick to notice the immediate benefits from the Kinegen Stream Knee. Not only was it smoother, more dynamic and easier to use than anything he had tried before, but it also looked exceptional. The simple switch from cycling mode to walking mode meant Stuart was able to control the resistance easily and comfortably himself, with no fiddly or lengthy modifications. With his new Kinegen Stream Knee, Stuart was cycling more than ever. However, his increasing amount of exercise and frequent movement affected the suction strength of his socket, making it difficult to keep going during his rides. Stuart took the problem to his Steeper prosthetist, Asad at Seacroft Hospital in Leeds, who made him a carbon fibre socket fitted with the RevoFit Lanyard from Click Medical. This enabled Stuart to easily maintain the fit of his socket by tightening the dial a click or two, providing him with the “best cycling limb” he has ever had.

The turning point
For Stuart, life really has begun at 40. Having always had a passion for cycling and inspired by his children to take up running, he was soon securing personal bests that were of Paralympic triathlon standard! A natural athlete and motivated by his Steeper prosthetist Asad, Stuart recently secured funding to become a full-time paratriathlete and now firmly has his sights set on a Paralympic podium position.

“Without the whole team at Steeper, from the socket technicians to my prosthetist Asad, and the support of the trust itself I would never have been able to have achieved what I have in 6 months. For all of this, I am truly thankful and look forward to competing!” - Stuart Meikle

“It’s great to see the difference that our Prosthetics team have made in enabling Stuart to run his first 10k and now make incredible progress with an aim to be a paratriathlete for Team GB.” - Nancy Rhodes, Head of Specialist Rehabilitation at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Stuart's Case Study