Structural and Socket Components

Suction Valves and Exoskeletal

Key Features

This range of suction valves and endoskeletal components include options from both Cypress Adaptive and Trulife. Please view the catalogue pages below for further details on each component.

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Features & Benefits

  • Aria Valves designed specifically for use in transtibial suction sockets
  • Manually operated Pee Wee Valves with high air flow capacity
  • Lyn Valves similar to Aria Valves but with a slightly slower airflow rate
  • RV Slide auto expulsion valve allows air to be evacuated through it when closed
  • High Vac Barb/Socket Port designed for use with vacuum systems
  • Lyn Valve RV available as either an auto or manual expulsion valve with a larger diameter, suitable for transfemoral applications
  • GLP Standard Valve lets air flow out when the button is pressed
  • GLP Rubber Valve snaps in place and is a simple alternative for prostheses with flexible inner sockets

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