Structural and Socket Components

C100 Cylindrical Shuttle Lock

16mm - 64mm
Weight Limit
College Park

Key Features

The C100 Cylindrical Shuttle Lock by College Park is used as a modular lock system for lower limb prosthesis users. It is made of high-strength durable nylon. Lightweight with a secure fit, the release pin can be easily cut to the right length for the prosthesis. Supplied with two ratchet plunger pins in variety of lengths.

College Park’s C100 Fabrication Kit provides a practitioner the ability to form adequate space for the lock to sit in; gives correct placement and formation of the release button hole; and provides guides to drill an industry standard 36mm square 4-hole pattern for endo components. With care, this adapter kit can be used for multiple socket fabrication set-ups. Spares are available as required. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured from high-strength and durable nylon
  • Ratchet plunger pins are available in 5 sizes XL, L, STD, S and XS. Please see product brochure for exact measurements
  • C100 Fabrication Kit is available for ease of manufacture with the C100 Shuttle Lock
  • Designed for direct mounting with a 4-hole adapter
  • Lightweight build, weighing 88g with the ratchet pin
  • Rated to 136kg

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