Torsion Adapters

Impact Level
Low Medium and High Impact Scale Icon in BlackLow|Medium|High
Axial Rotation
+/- 20°

Key Features

Torsion Adapters from College Park allow smooth transverse rotation of a patient’s limb build. Users can twist and turn with ease allowing a maximum of 20° of both internal and external rotation. Reducing stress and force on the patients’ socket and residual limb. Available in a choice of titanium and aluminium or stainless steel. These versatile and durable components can be easily adjusted by prosthetists to improve user comfort when walking and participating in sporting activities.

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Features & Benefits

  • With +/- 20° of rotation, the additional movement benefits a wide range of users, increasing comfort and allowing for a more natural feeling when turning. 
  • The torsion adapter’s resistance can be easily adjusted by a prosthetist using a 4mm Allen Key.
  • This adapter is suitable for low to high impact activities.