Prosthetic Knees


Impact Level
Low Medium and High Impact Scale Icon in BlackMedium
Weight Limit
Approx. 1025g
Swing Phase
3 years

Key Features

The polycentric construction of these knees provides a high degree of geometric stance stability, by means of their long side links, and a smooth pneumatically controlled swing phase. The High Performance cylinder, with independent adjustment of both flexion and extension, allows them to be used for patients of Mobility Class 3.

The NOHP3 is supplied with a male pyramid adapter to allow angular adjustment, whilst the NKHP3 comes with a laminating adapter, complete with adjustable alignment discs, making it particularly suitable for patients with very long residual limbs.

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Features & Benefits

  • Polycentric construction provides improved ground clearance in swing phase
  • Transition into swing phase adjustable by means of stance wedges
  • Pneumatic cylinder with independent adjustment of flexion and extension
  • Unlimited rotation and 5mm of shift in any direction are possible with either version, as is 10° of angular adjustment, this being achieved on the NKHP3 by means of a pair of wedge shaped rotatable discs

Technical Information

Total Fitted
Height (1)
Effective Module
Height (2)
Height (3)
NOHP3: 215mm NOHP3: 158mm NOHP3: 18mm
NKHP3: 207mm NKHP3: 168mm NKHP3: 27mm

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