Steeper Orthotics

Stabimed® Knee Brace

Knee brace
Thigh circumference 31 - 74cm

Key Features

The Stabimed Knee Brace is for the treatment of injuries of the collateral ligaments, instability of the knee, meniscus injuries, and osteoarthritis of the knee. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Short soft brace with the possibility of extension and flexion limitation
  • Easy to handle thanks to wrap design
  • Silicone dot coating supports a secure fit on the leg
  • Medi Airtex+ material with intelligent thermoregulation provides a high level of comfort
  • Special knit technology at the hollow of the knee allows ease of flexion
  • The physioglide hinge mimics the roll-glide movement of the knee and supports a secure fit on the leg
  • The compressive spacer-knit can improve proprioception
  • Comprehensive set of wedges for flexible extension and flexion limitation including 5° hyperextension wedge. The hinge design enables the wedges to be changed without using a tool