Steeper Orthotics

Mini TLC Hip Abduction Brace

Hip brace
XX-small - X-large

Key Features

Available prefabricated and in 6 differnt sizes the Hip Abduction Brace provides younger patients with the comfort, functionality, and control you are looking for in pediatric hip management. The colourful, breathable liner pads absorb perspiration and reduce heat buildup. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Material: MPE 
  • Pelvic band adjustable for hip development and pelvic circumference with quick release buckle closure 
  • Thigh cuff bivalve design adjustable to thigh proximal and distal measurements 
  • Breathable, washable liner absorbs perspiration and reduces heat build up 
  • Universal hip joint, TLC hip joint with infinite abduction/adduction & flexion/extention settings