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Ambroise Products

Leg and arm orthoses
Wilmer, UTX and Ambroise braces
Lightweight solutions for arms and legs

Key Features

Developed over a number of years utilising a sound biomechanical base, the Ambroise product range is available in the UK through Steeper.

Incorporating lightweight and highly functional orthoses for both upper and lower extremity applications, Ambroise has created a truly unique and innovative product range offering a high degree of comfort for the user.

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Features & Benefits

  • UTX orthosis enables a dynamic gait for people with weak quads
  • Wilmer Elbow Orthosis provides lightweight, dynamic, smart control for a paralysed arm
  • Genux Knee Orthosis with patented anti-slip system enables the orthosis to remain in place all day 
  • Ambroise Dynamic Wrist Orthosis provides dynamic lift, without wrapping the hand