Steeper Orthotics

Neuro-Lux Shoulder II® (Sporlastic)

Shoulder brace
Chest Circumference 75 - 125cm
Lower Arm Circumference 21 - 35cm

Key Features

Shoulder brace for the treatment of flaccid and painful movement of the shoulder and arm musculature after hemiplegia, plexus injuries, craniocerebral trauma, cervical spine trauma and peripheral nerve injuries. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Freedom of movement allows virtually unrestricted use of affected arm
  • Orthosis can be taken on and off with one hand
  • Different coloured plastic buckles make it easy to put on correctly
  • Improved repositioning of joint (humerus) whilst correcting subluxation and inner rotation
  • Prevents secondary injuries of crown cap, tendons, muscles and shoulder nerves