Steeper Orthotics

Push Ortho Thumb Brace CMC

Thumb brace
MCP Circumference 15-27cm

Key Features

Thumb brace for the treatment of osteoarthritis, postoperative after care, status after arthroplasty, and instability of the CMC-1 joint. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Hand remains stable and allows good grip function
  • Provides pain relief when experiencing thumb stress
  • Surrounding joints remain free and doesn’t limit their movement
  • Pre-formed flexible plastic enclosure with rounded edges for maximum comfort
  • Aluminium splint can be manipulated for individual thumb contours and optimal stabilisation of the joint
  • Two hook and loop fastening straps fasten around the back of the hand which allows the brace to be easily fitted by the individual
  • Antimicrobial
  • Can be used in water and can be dried easily